Guide on How to Monetize Your Blogger (Blogspot) Website

Despite its decreasing popularity over the past years, Blogger (or Blogspot) remains one of the most usable platforms for building websites. Owned by the tech giant Google, it offers multiple opportunities for website and blog owners. Google hosts all blogs that initially belong to the subdomain ‘’.

Logically, Bloggers/webmasters and publishers can easily start monetization with Google products like AdSense. Those of you striving to monetize a Blogspot (Blogger) website instantly can rely on Adsterra ad network as the AdSense alternative.

This 123 Guide will give you sure-fire instructions on how to monetize a Blogspot-based website or blog with Adsterra ad formats. No matter the level your business is at, and whether you’ve already built a reputation or have just started with planting those seeds of trust, you’ll be able to implement these tips and make money with ads.

⭕Which Adsterra ads can you put on a Blogger / Blogspot website?

Blogger is very easy to set up and run, so placing ad codes is also a smooth process. On this platform, you can grow your business with the following Adsterra ad formats:

Social Bar or In-Page Push ads;
Native banners
Display banners
Direct Link
Adsterra Smart Direct Link 

The Adsterra Smart Direct Link is the easiest way of getting profit from ads. You will only need to generate an ad code on your Adsterra account and place it anywhere on the website as a regular link. Most-used places are texts, buttons, images, etc. Find some secret monetization tactics in this Guide to Direct Link.

⭕How To Get Adsterra Ad Codes
Generating Adsterra codes is a universal set of actions that require less than five minutes. Let’s all of them one by one.

 1. Please log in (or SIGN UP) as a Publisher on 

2.  From the control panel on the left, choose the the Websites tab. Click the green button Add new website, Add website to Adsterra

3. A new window will open. Here you need to fill out the fields and choose the ad format.

Add your website URL.
Choose your website category from the list (choose Other if you don’t see suitable categories).
Pick one Ad Unit (each ad code is unique).
See what filters you can tick to remove the unwanted types of ads.
Click the Add green button.
Get Adsterra ad code for a website

4. You’ll see a notification that your website is waiting for approval (Pending status). Approved sites are green-colored. Wait until Pending status changes to Approved.

5. After your website status changes to Approved, click All codes – Get code. Here it is! A piece of code and a short instruction on where to put it.

Copy the code to the clipboard.

Websites Approval Statuses
Wait until the status changes to Approved
How to copy Adsterra ad code
Click ‘All codes’ – then “Get code’

⭕Step-by-step instructions for putting ads on your Blogspot website

What is really inspiring is that you need the very same set of actions to place any of the above-listed Adsterra formats.

There are two ways of adding ads to monetize a Blogger-based website or blog. 

If you need an ad placement to appear on every page and be fixed to the page’s structure (e.g., a sidebar), you should put Adsterra codes inside the Blogspot theme.

** Please bear in mind that popunder ads are not attached to any UI element of the website, so you don’t have to look for a vacant place on the website.

The second way of showing adverts to your blog’s visitors is to place them on a blog post page. In this case, your audience will only meet ads when they open this page. It could be a homepage, for instance.

Let’s follow these simple steps right now.

⭕Placing Ads Via Blogspot Themes

When you need advertising units to appear on every page, you should use your website theme settings. After you log in, on your left-hand menu, find and hit the Layout tab. You see how the skeleton of your website looks like, all of its blocks like header, footer, sidebars, etc.


Click the Add a gadget section and choose HTML/JavaScript from the list.

Paste the code you generated at Adsterra into the Content field and click Save.

After you add a gadget, you will see your new HTML/JavaScript element inside the website layout. Drag and drop your gadget if you want to place native or display banner somewhere else, like the website header or sidebar.

** Please bear in mind the instructions you got while generating the code. =If they recommend putting the format before the closing ‘</body>’ tag, you can’t just drag and drop your Blogger gadget to the web page header.

⭕Placing Ads On A Separate Blog Post Page

Sometimes you need to put ads on specific web pages avoiding all the rest. This might be very helpful if you want to test a new format or leave some pages free of advertising (like those with privacy policy).

On Blogger, you can do it with just two steps:

1. Open the post where you want to show ads. Switch to HTML view by clicking the icon on the upper left corner.

HTML mode Blogger

2. Paste the code snippet that you copied from your Adsterra account. Make sure you place the code according to Adsterra instructions. For instance, to add a popunder, you will need to find the tag on your HTML post and paste the core before this tag.

VoilĂ  That’s it!

⭕What to keep in mind while monetizing your Blogspot website

Please don’t oversaturate your web pages with ads. At first, it might seem the fastest way to profit, but in the end, your statistics could return massive churn rates.
Avoid placing more than one popunder ad code on the same page as they might conflict.
Having added a new placement, open the preview page to make sure the ads don’t overlap the content or navigation buttons. If they do, try to find a better placement. Poor UX might strongly affect your CPM.
When generating a new ad code, please, read a short instruction. At Adsterra, we recommend where exactly to put this ad.
Each ad code is unique. You can use it only for one placement on one page. To get, say, two banners, you will need to generate two ad codes. This is critical for the correct display of your statistics.
Some ad placements have advanced settings available on request. E.g., you can ask for changing your popunders frequency settings (how many times one user will meet ads within a given time).


We have walked through Blogger / Blogspot websites monetization basics. With Adsterra as an AdSense alternative, you can also use a variety of formats, adjusting them to your audience and website design. 

If you are looking for a way of instant earning, rely on Adsterra. One-minute approval, no limitation to your website traffic volume and rankings, and the fastest support can become the game-changing factors to your business growth.

Now you are ready to earn with your Blogspot website!

Source: Adsterra